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Welcome to RSGoldmine, are you looking to Buy or Sell Runescape Gold but don’t know where to begin? Or have you bought before but looking for a new RS Gold site? Then don’t look further!

There’s a reason why RS Players always turn to us for their needs, and that’s because for years, we have tuned and perfected our way of helping RS players around the globe to have quick, easy-to-use and safe access to RS gold.

That doesn’t really sound convincing yet.. Don’t worry keep reading, we will talk facts.

What makes us the Best OSRS Gold Site?

Now – where do we start? There’s just so many reasons why thousands and thousands of RS players always choose us over the competitors. There’s a plethora to list – we’ll go through a few of them!

Safe RWT Methods

Lets start with one of the most Important reason which 99% of the competitors fail in, which is Safe RWT! No one wants to Buy RS Gold just to find out your banned the next day, that is why we take all the required RWT Safety pre-Measures to ensure your RS Account’s safety. As you can understand we can not Disclose all of our Pre-Measures, but we will go through a few of them to offer your Peace of Mind when Buying or Selling Runecape Gold.

First of all we Never use lvl 3 accounts to deliver your RS Gold, but instead we use High Level accounts to make the trade legit as possible, beside our Accounts being high level they are also Members and Wear armour just like real RS Players and lastly they don’t have these weird usernames…

But we also need your help to keep it safe as possible, therefore we ask our customers to use Mule accounts to receive the RS Gold delivery and then later transfer the gold back to your Main account. This is an extra RWT security Measure which keeps your Main RS Account even safer!

Secure Checkout

Yes Safe RWT is very important but a Secure Checkout is just as important! We understand that entering Credit Card details on a Runescape Gold site is not ideal, that is why we work with the most Secure, Safe and Populair Payment Provider, PayPal! With PayPal you can pay with your Credit/Debit card without needing to enter any personal information.

Delivery Time

We understand that once you have paid for your RS Gold you want it as soon as possible that is why we hold a minimum of 3B OSRS and 5B RS3 Gold stock so we can deliver your gold within a few minutes.

Loyalty Program

Here at RSGoldMine we reward our customers! We currently have 9 tiers which all have their own Benefits. Besides the Tier benefits you also earn 1 Loyalty point per 1M OSRS or 5M RS3 Gold you purchase, which you can later spend to spin The Wheel of Fortune to win prizes. That means when you place an order for 100M you have a chance of winning 2-15M back, you can also choice to save up points and spin a higher Tier wheel with prizes up to 150M!

Bronze Tier Iron Tier Steel Tier Mithril Tier Adamant Tier Rune Tier Dragon Tier Barrows Tier 3rd Age Tier

Referral Program

If you have friends that play Runescape and hate grinding hours for Runescape Gold like you then invite them over to RSGoldMine and earn 2.5% of every order they place. So for example you let your friend register with your referral link and they place a 250M OSRS Gold order you earn 6.25M OSRS Gold from their order and from future orders!

7.500+ Positive Reviews

We only collect external Reviews that way you can be assured that all the reviews are from real customers and not created by us. We have over 5.000+ Reviews on Trustpilot with a 4.8 Rating and over 2.500 Reviewso on with a 5 out of 5 Rating!

Why even Buy Runescape Gold?

Ok now that we have explained why you should only Buy Runescape Gold from us you might be asking should I even buy OSRS or RS3 Gold? The answer is simle yes ofcourse if you love the game and spend a good amount of hours weekly playing then there is a good chance that you spend around 30-40% of your time making money doing boring acivities such as cutting tree's or killing the same boss over and over in the hope of getting that good drop. Instead of spending so many hours for just a few Mills why not just buy it safely from us and spend 100% of your time enjoying the game! For example you spend 10 hours weekly grinding and grinding for just 10M OSRS Gold sounds good right, 10M per week? Well no, you could have bought that 10M from us and received it within 2-3 minutes for around $4, so you pretty much grinding 10 hours for just $4 that is $0.40 per hour! Ok yes this is not a job it's a game but if you Play Runescape we all know that some of the acivities do feel like a job.. or atleast like a chore.

Sell Runescape Gold

Bought to much RS Gold? or had a good day Pking, Bossing or maybe had great luck with opening a clue scroll but don't need that much RS Gold? We can buy your OSRS & RS3 Gold for great rates. We can send Bitcoin or PayPal for your RS Gold. Looking to sell a big amount lets say 5B OSRS Gold but don't feel comfortable selling it in one go? We can buy your RS Gold in Increments. For example you trade us 1B and we send the payment once you have confirmed and received that you got the payment you can trade us again.