Runescape Bot Nuke Day

One of the most controversial and difficult areas of Runescape - is botting. Today, we’ll be going through what botting is, as well as the effects of it. Here we go!

First, before we get into the juicy bits – what is botting? Botting (Or use of Macros), is the act of using a third-party software to automate tasks in Runescape. It’s currently a major offense in the Runescape Rules of Conduct, and can land you seriously or temporarily banned. For example, you could use a program to automatically cut wood, and that would be botting!

So why is it bad? Basically, it ruins the game and its competitiveness. While you’re asleep, with a bot doing everything on your account, other people are spending hours of hard work grinding for those levels. It sets an unfair playing field for everyone, and ruins motivation for others.

But, how advanced can bots get? You’ll be surprised! The most basic bots are able to automatically high alch, while advanced bots can merch items on the grand exchange, as well as kill high level bosses easily!

What are Jagex doing about this? Jagex have tried numerous tactics to minimize botters, and although they have managed to cut down the botting scene, a lot more work needs to be done!

runescape nuke day

One of the most famous attempts at cutting down bots, was on the 25th of October 2011. At around 2:37 GMT, Jagex released a system update, as they usually do. However, this was something special! That update was a code named ‘ClusterFluterrer,’ or as we like to call it – ‘Bot Nuke.’

In a statement by Jagex, this code removed 98% of bots from the game! As a celebration, Jagex held events such as Triple exp for slayer, tripe tickets from castle wars & much more!

Mark Gerhard, at Runefest, explained that in the course of 4 days (25th October to 29th October), 7.7 million accounts were banned for botting – and another 5 million just a day later! In addition, he stated that over a thousand accounts per minute are getting banned!

Whats happening now? Jagex are still constantly banning thousands and thousands of bots regularly. The fight will never stop against bots, and the team at Jagex are committed to remove as many bots as they can from the game!

And there you have it! An insight into the world of botting, the effect of it, and what Jagex are doing about it!

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