Money Pouch Glitch

Bugs have been out since the beginning of Runescape, and has caused mayham, chaos – and even make some people rich! Jagex themselves, define bugs as ‘a fault in the game that causes it to function improperly. Here, we’ll be going through massive bugs in Runescape, as well as how Jagex has responded to them. Strap yourselves in as we enter history!

Now, imagine a bug that allowed you to duplicate max cash stacks, whenever you want. That’s what a specific number of players achieved in 2012, and have made Runescape history for it!

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Known as the ‘Money pouch glitch,’ these involved players who had a max cash stack, to withdraw cash from the Duel Arena and Crucible, to duplicate their max cash stack. You can easily tell where this went…

It only took a few days for Jagex to fix the glitch, and they weren’t nice about it! On August 7 2012, Daniel Clough put out a statement on the Runescape news feed, ridiculing the bug abusers, naming them, and banning them. He publicly stated each one of the main bug abusers, along with their levels. Daniel Clough stated, “People who abuse bugs will simply not be tolerated and are not welcome to play Runescape.” You could tell Jagex didn’t take this lightly…

Each account was banned, and any associated accounts (such as mules) were wiped. In addition, those who were in contact with the bug, were rolled back.

And there you have it – an insight into the world of Runescape bugs! Stay safe, and make sure you report those bugs!