OSRS Corporeal Beast Guide

The Corporal Beast, known as that one monster we’re all afraid of, and cower at the thought of taking down this colossal monster. But what still stands and perplexes many, how do you actually kill Corporal Beast in Runescape 2007?

First of all, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s run through the basics of Corporal Beast, which we’ll now call “Corp” because it sounds better – and makes it easier to type! Corp is the strongest attackable monster on OldSchool Runescape, but never let that get to you! It has a 50% damage reduction to all non-spears, so if you want a chance at taking down Corp, a spear is the way to go. It has a combat level of 785, with 2000 hit points. Challenging I know, but possible to kill.

Additionally, we need to go over the requirements and gear before we get into how to kill Corp. I highly don’t recommend soloing this boss, unless you want to look like a complete badass in front of your friends, at the same time having a higher risk of losing your items. While we’re on the subject of items, don’t bring any items you are not willing to lose!

The roles in your team should be as followed: 1 Ranger to stun the core, and the rest just for melee DPS. It is quintessential that you have a stunner, or your genius plan of taking down Corp will turn to trash.

Let’s say your role is the Melee DPS. You should have 80 or above in Attack, Strength & Defence, as well as 70 or over for Magic, Prayer & Range. For the helmet slot, try to aim for a Fighters Hat, but the Helm of Neitznot is the next best thing. An amulet of Glory or Fury would suite you quite well. For the body and legs, both should be Karils. Dragon boots would be ideal, Rune Boots coming 2nd. I can’t stress this enough, but a Zamorokian spear is needed. Having a Skill cape or Fire cape adds the cherry on the cake. You should also have a Zerker ring at best, Seers ring coming after. Your inventory should be quite slandered, 1 Super combat potion/Super set, 6 Sara Brews (If you find yourself in a situation where you need to eat quickly), 2 Super Restores, 1 Teleport tab if you find yourself in sticky situations, and load the rest up with sharks. Psst… We’re nearly there!

However, if you find yourself as the Range Stunner, the story changes. Stat requirements stay the same, as well as having a Helm of Neitznot. Amulet of fury/glory stays the same. But, your body and legs should be both of Armadyl. Boots should be Ranger Boots as well. Additionally, it is prominent that you bring a Mithril Crossbow, you need it to stun Corp. To bring your Damage up, bring an Armadyl or rune crossbow. Your bolts should be Emerald (e) for stunning, and Ruby (e) for DPS. Your shield should preferably be an Odium Ward, crystal shield being the next up. For the ring slot, you should have an Archers ring or Seers ring. Your inventory should be as followed: Ruby bolts, Emerald Bolts, Teleport Tab, 2 Ranging pots, 2 Prayer Pots, 6 Brews and 3 restores, having the rest as sharks.

Finally, we’re here! You’ve been waiting ages for this moment, and it has arisen. How do you kill the Corporal Beast? First, we need to get there. All you need to get to Corp is a games necklace, selecting the “Corporal Beast” option.

Before you enter the lair where you will find the Corporal Beast, pot up, turn magic on and enter the room valiantly, spreading out in all directions. Whoever is ranging should be far away, while the Melee DPS players should be around the beast closely. The person in charge of stunning should switch to Emerald Bolts when you witness the Dark Core emerge. Also, pray mage at all times, so you lower your chance of dying and higher your chance of taking down Corp. While in the room, someone will stand on the Corporal Beast until it has become stunned. Never kill the core, it automatically respawns. While the Corp is stunned, never move.

There you go, you learnt the ways of killing the Corporal Beast. The easy part is over, now go show your wrath and take down this monster, proving that you are the greatest player of all, who can take down anyone and anything.

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Posted on 11-05-2017