Imagine a bug that allows you to kill any player, anywhere! Just think about the amount of gold you’ll make, and hearts you’ll shatter! Well, this exact bug took place on June the 6th, 2006, and involved the main perpetrator – Durial321. Today, we’ll be talking about what Durial321 did, the effects of it and what we know of him today. Strap yourself in as we take a dive into history!

osrs durial321

It was a June the 6th, 2006, a normal day in Runescape, as ‘Cursed You’ (the first player to hit 99 construction) is about to have a house party. During the party, there were many attractions, such as the combat ring. While a couple players were having fun in the combat ring, the number of players in the house caused immense amounts of lag, and Cursed You was forced to remove all the guests from his house.

However, little did everyone know – Cursed You had just started one of the most infamous glitches of all time, as absolutely everyone who was in the combat ring, was able to attack anyone, anywhere! And the worst part is that the victims can’t even fight back!

Durial321, along with many others, stormed through the towns of Falador, Edgeville, Rimmington and Draynor Village, slaughtering everyone in their sights. In an interview, Durial321 stated, “I went around having fun killing whomever I pleased.” The massacre lasted for almost an hour, before any Jagex Moderators were notified. But the damage had already been done…

What happened from then? The bug was immediately fixed, and Durial321 (along with all other abusers) were permanently IP banned from Runescape.

Since the massacre, Durial had only appeared in interviews a few days after. No one has ever seen the infamous figure since, and he remains a mystery even today…

Some say Durial321 is a legend, creating history that will never be forgotten. Others say he’s a monster, stripping innocent players of their items and causing chaos.

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