Arguably the most popular Runescape of all time – through his massive achievements and an even bigger fandom! Let’s go through what makes Zezima ‘Zezima,’ and where he is today.

Zezima (known as Peter), started playing Runescape in 2001, and he’s been playing to this date! It took him a while to get started, as he only achieved his first 99 (which was smithing) a year later. However, he then took off like a rocket! In October of 2003, Zezima achieved the top rank of the Runescape hiscores, which was a great achievement for someone only playing for 2 years. A couple years later in 2015, he became the first player to get 99 Slayer. And this is when the Zezima era that we all love and remember started…

Records after records were shattered by Zezima. He was the first player to hit total level 1980 & 2079, was ranked in the top 100 for all skills, the first player to get 1 billion total exp, and then it went downwards…

osrs zezima

In January of 2008, Zezima (through his youtube channel), announced to everyone that he is quitting the competitive side of Runescape, as he is losing a sense of accomplishment. And from that point on, Zezima was imprinted into Runescape’s history permanently.

However, in the past two years, Zezima has slowly been getting back into Runescape and its competitiveness. He was the 18th player to get 99 Divination, won 12 seasonal hiscores, achieved 200 million exp in all skills, and is now sitting at rank 63 on the hiscores.

Where’s Zezima right now? Even today – Zezima still plays actively! Try catch him on world 103, and say Hello to the legend! Also, he streams on twitch & constantly tweets.

16 years on, Zezima is still hyped up as the greatest Runescape player ever!