“Trimming armor for free!” Ever heard that before? That’s called a scam – and they come in all shapes and forms! Join us as we explore the most elusive and popular scams in Runescape!

Before we get into the scams – we first need to know what scamming is! Scamming is an offense in the Runescape Rules of Conduct, and as described by Jagex, item scams are ‘An attempt to obtain GP and or/items from another player by dishonest means.’

Let’s have a look as one of the most popular scams in Runescape’s history! First, we’ll cover Phishing – which is the act of scamming ones’ account details, through fake websites and programs designed to steal your details.

rs gold

Typically, in a phishing scam, the scammer will ask you to follow a link, promising something that is of interest – such as a giveaway. Once you follow that link – and enter in your details into the ‘Official Runescape Website’ – your account is stripped away from you like that!

What can you do to prevent Phishing scams? If you’re being asked to follow a link, make sure it is the official Runescape website! If not, you could be leading yourself into a phishing site! Also, make sure your account is as secured as possible, with two step verifications and much more. And if you ever encounter a phisher, instantly report and block them!

And there you have it – an introduction and exploration into Runescape’s most ruthless and heartless area – scamming! Stay safe, and enjoy Runescape!