Fossil Island

More than a decade has passed since the Varrock Museum set out to explore the curious landmass to the east. Failed voyage after failed voyage has left the crew almost exactly where they started.”

imagine a whole new island, quest, monsters and skilling areas! That’s what Jagex has been cooking up since 2005 – and its finally coming to Oldschool Runescape!

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Bone Voyage

Let’s start from the beginning – how would an eager player like you, make it to fossil island? You’re going to have to complete a whole quest at Varrock Museum, which will be called ‘Bone Voyage’ (how fitting!). During that quest, you’re going to learn a bit about the history of Runescape, and construct the boat that will get you to Fossil Island!

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What Does It Have to Offer?

What’s this exciting island got in store for all you skillers? Don’t worry – Jagex haven’t gone lightly on skilling! This island will have areas for mining, farming, hunter, crafting, agility, thieving and fishing (Yup – all of them!).

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But there’s a hurdle in your way – to access these skilling areas, you need to unlock them! Don’t worry though – we have you covered! Upon entering the island, you’ll be met with a plethora of ancient remnants, littered across the island. Collect these fossils - and you’ll be able to access more areas if the island! And while you’re doing all of that – every fossil you discover adds up in the Varrock Museum’s paleontology floor. That’s right – a whole new floor of the Varrock Museum, dedicated to your fossils!

This exciting expansion can be found just north of Morytania, and right in the middle of the ocean.

The Volcanic Mine

Now that all the introduction is done - let’s dig into the juicy bits! Starting with, drumroll - The Volcanic Mine!


This is one of the bigger options fossil island has to offer – and you’ll see why. Simply, it’s a skilling activity that is to be done in a group, and has some mining exp to give out. In this minigame, you can either: Control the flow of the lava, remove rocks from the walls, solidify the floors, or mine and deposit minerals.

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In addition to that amazing concept, I’ve got better news – exp rates! Jagex released the rates for this minigame, and it goes as follows; Level 50s will receive 40k exp per hour, level 85s can expect 75k an hour, and 99s can expect 82k an hour. As well as the mining experience, except some ores and fossils as well! To participate – it takes a low requirement of 50 mining!

Hardwood Farming

Next up – we got one of the smaller skilling activities (but still a hell of a lot of fun!) – Hardwood Farming. And as the title suggests – it’ll be for farming experience (and some woodcutting as well!).

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In specific areas on the island, you can find perfect patches of soil to plant both Teak and Mahogany trees (to be specific – three!). To plant Teak trees, you’re going to need level 35 farming, and for Mahogany trees, it’ll be 55. However, it’s a long wait for them to grow! Teak trees should take 4480 minutes to grow, while Mahogany takes 5120. Don’t be demotivated though – as they provide colossal amounts of exp – 7,290 and 15,720 respectively!

Tracking and Herblore

This one’s going to take much more patience (and a little bit of luck!). You’ll be able to see tiny, plant-looking creatures scattered across Fossil Island, and they are your target! If you ever track these creatures, you’re able to farm the herbs from their back.

It’s hard – I know! But along with the test of skill, there’s a really good upside – the exp rates! At 85 hunter, expect upwards of 140k exp per hour, and at 95, expect 160k exp per hour!

What herbs will you be getting? Jagex were really smart on this one – as you’ll be getting herbs that are suitable to your current level!

Bird House Traps

For those lower levels, Jagex have got you sorted – with Bird House Traps! Requiring suitable Crafting and Hunter levels to make, you can place these traps at any suitable location on Fossil Island (In fact- there are 10 locations)!


Don’t worry – these aren’t going to take as long as the Hardwood Farming! Usually, a single bird takes about 5 minutes to capture, which for the exp rate – is pretty quick!

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How do these work? After placing down your bird trap (suited to your level), fill it up with some seeds, and lure them birds in! While you’re gone, your birdhouse will be luring and trapping birds for you. To get your hard earned exp – simply head back to your birdhouse and collect them!


Next up – we’re getting a special type of compost! The volcanic ash (special to Fossil Island) is coincidently perfect for farming! Once mixed with Harralander, you can make a Compost potion (Requires 21 Herblore). These potions are able to convert normal compost – into supercompost!

But, Jagex have gone one up! If you use the volcanic ash on supercompost, you’ll create ultracompost! The benefits of ultracompost are unclear, but they are bound to be immensely beneficial for you and your farming career.


Coming new to Fossil Island, you’ll be able to slay two new Wyverns (Normal & Ancient)! These Wyverns would take 66 and 82 slayer respectively to kill.

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Along with that, they come with new drops – that can’t be found elsewhere!

The first – being the new Granite Boots. To equip, you’ll need both 50 Defense and Strength. And yes, they are better than Rune Boots both defensively and strength-wise!

osrs granite boots

The next item, is the Granite Longsword. As well as the boots, you’re going to need level 50 Strength, but this time – you’ll need 50 Attack, not defense. The oldschool team even stated themselves – that this item is the best slash weapon for attack levels 50-60!

osrs granite longsword

The final item (and by far the coolest) – is the Ancient Wyvern Shield! This shield is exclusive to Magic, and has stats similar to a charged Dragonfire shield! To equip it, you’re going to need some fairly mid-level stats of 75 Defense and 70 Magic. And it just got better! This shield makes you immune to the Wyvern’s freezing attacks!

osrs ancientwyvern shield

To get the shield, it won’t be dropped Wyverns. You may be asking, then how can I get this shield? Well, instead of dropping the shield, an Ancient Wyvern Visage will be dropped, and it has to be attached to an Elemental Shield to make the final product. To attach it together, you’re going to need 66 Magic and 66 Smithing.

Similar to the dragonfire shield, you’re going to have to charge this. To charge it, all it takes is some fossils!

Underwater Island

rs07 underwater island

doesn’t stop at the land, yes – there is an underwater city! This city has plenty of attractions for all you skillers, so enjoy exploring!

Underwater Agility & Thieving

The first aspect we’ll cover – is underwater Agility and Thieving! And before you say “Oh, but this will be like any other Agility course,” it’s not! This course is something never seen before, and you’ll be mesmerized.

Straying from the traditional method of being on a set course, this Agility course allows you to go wherever you want, whenever you want!

The experience rates are quite low (30k exp per hour at 99 Agility, and 110k exp per hour at 99 Thieving), but at least it balances out for the massive amounts of fun you’ll be having!

Now, you might be wandering why Agility and Thieving is grouped together – and here’s your answer! Opposed to normal thieving (example; taking bread from a stall), it’s much more intense and fun! You’ll be trying to loot as many chests as you can, while holding your breath underwater. You’ll have to dodge and utilize current flows, and get to those chests.

Now that’s what you call an exciting way to grind levels!

Seaweed Farming

Once again – the Oldschool team provides us with a farming method! This time – its Underwater Seaweed Farming.

osrs seaweed farming

To do this, you’ll need 23 farming, and a will to swim! The seaweed does have a use apart from the xp – and it’s that it drops soda ash when burnt!

Underwater Fishing

The final method contained in the Fossil Island for skilling, is Underwater Fishing. Now, there’s two ways to go about fishing – the boring way, or the thrill-seeking way.

If you’re more of a peaceful and serene person, you can set up drift nets to catch passing fish. And after a while, you can come back and collect your fish. As an added bonus to fishing exp, you’ll be getting hunter bonuses!

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But, if you’re that thrill seeking adventure, there’s something for you! You’ll be able to chase down your prey underwater with a harpoon or trident, and sweep and kill them! You’ll need to be agile and think quick, to maneuver your way to fish. How exciting!

And there you have it – a complete rundown on OSRS’ newest addition – Fossil Island! Good luck, and stay skilling!

Posted on 29-08-2017