Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing – the “Hunger Games,” of Runescape, the gamemode that brings the competitive, bloodthirsty side of you, has recently being open to the public. Get your aggressive attitude, and be ready for a heck of fun! In basic terms, 24 players are transported to one small island, where players must fight to death, with a winner coming on top, sometimes receiving rewards! You may be thinking - “What about the stats?” – Jagex fixed this potential crisis, by boosting all stats to 99, except defence, only being set to 70. Along with the haunting thought of someone killing you, your prayer points are extremely drained. All of this added up, carries a hard effort to achieve that win. Equipment Items play a huge part in Last Man Standing. It can mean the difference from a win, to a loss. Around the island, Jagex have cleverly placed hidden chests, drawers, shelves and cabinets all throughout the island. But be warned – these items are in highly populated places, so always be careful!

Blood Keys

Another way to gain items, is by killing others, and gaining “Bloody keys.” These keys can be used to re-loot chests that have already been opened. In addition to this overpowered tool, it heals your health to full! However, when there are 5 or less players, instead of Bloody Keys, you receive its stronger counterpart, “Bloodier Keys.” These keys have the same functions as its younger brother, but also replenish prayer, special attack energy as well as a guarantee of receiving food from a chest.

Vending Shrine

If there weren’t enough ways of obtaining items – there’s one more, Vending Shrines! If for some reason, you have too much combat equipment on you, you are able to exchange it for certain items which will help you get the upper hand in your match. Certain items such as Shark, Prayer Potions and Dragon Scimitars can all be redeemed


To reduce camping and increase the juicy action – Jagex have implemented a fundamental feature in Last Man Standing – the Fog! Quickly after the game starts, a fog starts to lurk around the island, soon filling it up. If you choose to stay in the fog, you will lose hp immensely, starting at rates of 1hp per tick, all the way to 10hp per tick!


ow, to the best part of all, the rewards! To participate in a rewarding session, all players must put in a fee of 100,000 coins. From there, the winner of the match will receive 1.5 Million coins, and the runner up received 500,000 coins. Third, fourth and fifth place aren’t forgotten! – As they all receive a free entry into another game. Want to get started? Simply speak to Lisa, located east of Clan Wars.