Raids Armour And Rewards

In a follow up to the highly popular announcement of the elder weapons, Mod Ronan recently released an article explaining the new raid rewards – there’s some good ones! Now, if you don’t know what Elder armour is, it is the new, highest tier melee armour, requiring level 75 defence. However, this armour are all degradable. The current state of degradability is 10 hours of combat, which allows plenty of time to be killing other players and bosses!

First, the Elder maul. This maul is a slow, but very harmful crush weapon, showing intense accuracy. A while back, a beta testing the Elder Maul was released, and received much praise for it. From then, Jagex have increased the crush accuracy from 120 to 135, which is huge! Equally important, Kodai Robes are the level 75 magic armour. Similar to the Elder armour, it takes 10 hours of combat to degrade. But don’t worry! – You can recharge it with coins. In addition to that, this is extremely rare to get, but highly worth it!

Previously named the Elder wand, the Old School team have introduced a Kodai Wand. Similar to the other new raid rewards, this requires level 75 magic. This wand has an amazing qualities, acting as a water staff, while possessing a 15% chance to negate runes. Next, we can see “Twisted Armour,” being level 75 Ranged armour, acting as the king of all range armour. Being the king of range armour, twisted armour is the first set of Ranged armour providing a Ranged strength bonus. In accordance to the other armours, a 10 hour degrading effect is present.

Going down the list, we have the smaller importance yet still present items. Dragon Thrown axes are introduced, providing a +36 Ranged Attack and +47 Ranged Strength. The special attack features a great 25% boost on accuracy. Next, we can also expect a Dragon Sword. For countless years, players have urged for a Dragon Sword. This dream has come to a reality, as the Dragon Sword needs a level 60 attack level to wield, providing a special attack that can disable their protection prayer for one hit, or giving an accuracy and damage boost to you.

Jagex have truly done amazing on this, featuring immensely powerful items to be released into our games. Good luck finding these weapons, and once you do, be careful with such power!