Buy Cheap OSRS Gold with Bitcoin

Buy OSRS Gold Bitcoin

If you’re an Old School RS player who would like to purchase some OSRS Gold for your account, you can actually do so with Bitcoin. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency before: we will walk you through the entire process! Whilst it may seem complicated, once you know the basics, things become simple.

Using Bitcoin itself provides many advantages. The advantages include the fact that transactions are private due to a decentralized network, and often, transaction fees are reduced.

This guide will cover multiple approaches, so you can choose whatever works the best for you.

Obtaining Bitcoin

If you’ve already got your Bitcoin, you can skip this entire section and move on to the next. If you haven’t got any Bitcoin yet and are unsure of how to get it, this section will clarify a lot of things for you.

You can buy Bitcoin from an Exchange, Bitcoin ATM or from someone Private (forums etc). Generally speaking, it’s highly preferable to buy from safe, trusted Bitcoin exchanges that have stood the test of time than buying Bitcoin from a stranger. One Bitcoin may cost tens of thousands of dollars, with prices increasing over time, but you don’t ever need to buy an entire Bitcoin. You can actually buy an arbitrary amount such as 0.0001 Bitcoin, or any amount you’d prefer, and your transactions/trades will still go perfectly.

Using Exchanges greatly simplifies things if you ever do any trading with cryptocurrency. This allows you to buy/sell cryptocurrency with real money (using your credit card, PayPal, bank account, and other methods), and you can then hold your cryptocurrency in that exchange and easily send or sell it whenever you’d like.

Ensure that any platform you hold any Bitcoin with is secured with 2-factor Authentication and that you are conducting trades with people you trust or companies that have a good reputation.

We will cover the two most popular methods of obtaining Bitcoin below. Most people choose to use Coinbase, but you can use whatever platform you’d like to obtain your Bitcoin, including anything that isn’t listed here (providing you trust it).


Coinbase is one of the most popular exchanges for cryptocurrency and is perhaps the easiest to buy and sell cryptocurrency from. The first step is completing the registration process on their website, - it is quite simple and straightforward.

register coinbase

Coinbase may ask you to provide a picture of your identification which they then automatically scan, which is completely standard. After you’ve created your account, and hopefully secured it with 2-factor authentication or SMS verification, you can then proceed to purchase Bitcoin.

From the top bar on the page, there’s a button with a label of ‘Buy / Sell’: You then click the ‘Buy’ button and purchase Bitcoin. It’s important that you purchase Bitcoin and not any other cryptocurrency. Note: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are two different cryptocurrencies. You will be required to add a payment method to actually purchase the Bitcoin, but the exact methods available are dependent on your country.

After having purchased some Bitcoin, you can then click the ‘Send / Receive’ label at the top. You’ll get a pop-up box that looks something like this:

Send Bitcoin

You can input the exact amount you’d like to send in either your local currency or in Bitcoin. The ‘To’ field should be filled in with the Bitcoin wallet address you’d like to send funds to. Most merchants, including RSGoldMine, will provide you this address during the checkout process.


Coinmama is an alternative to Coinbase. It allows you to purchase and sell various cryptocurrencies with a credit card, debit card, and bank wire transfer.

The difference between Coinmama and Coinbase is that with Coinmama, you’re simply buying and selling Bitcoin. It doesn’t hold your Bitcoin for you, you need to maintain an external wallet. Here are 2 options you might like:

  • Blockchain (Web Wallet)
  • Exodus (Download)

Register an Account The first step is creating an account.

register coinmama

Once you’ve registered, you can buy up to $150 worth of bitcoin before having to verify your ID. Once you have verified your ID and thus completed Lvl 1 verification you can spend the following: $5000 per day and total $15000 Monthly.

Buy OSRS Gold with Bitcoin

Now that you have Bitcoin's, you can head over to the Buy OSRS Gold Page and enter your RSN (RS Name) and the amount of OSRS Gold you would like to buy.

buy osrs gold

Once you have decided how much OSRS Gold you would like to purchase, hit ‘Buy Now’ You will then be redirected to the checkout page.

RSGoldMine Checkout

You then simply click on Bitcoin. Remember: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are two separate cryptocurrencies!

After that, you’ll get the following screen:

send bitcoin

As you can see, you’re actually given both the amount and wallet address. It’s recommended to use the ‘copy’ button and ensure that when you paste, that both fields are correct. Bitcoin prices do fluctuate, but the amount you see here will be locked in.

You send the Bitcoin through the Send / Receive tab on Coinbase. If you used Coinmama, you will need to follow the instructions for your wallet service/software, but it should be quite trivial for you at this point.

The Bitcoin transaction will then enter a confirmation period simply due to how the Bitcoin network works. This confirmation period can be instant or take up to an hour, but your transaction will always be confirmed in the end providing the funds were sent. Once it is confirmed, from the screen above you’ll actually be redirected back to our website.

Finally, you can speak to our Live Chat and collect your gold in-game! We hope that this guide was helpful!

osrs gold

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat. We’ll be more than glad to answer any queries you have and guide you through the process if anything here isn’t clear.

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