Buy Cheap OSRS Gold with Bitcoin Cash

Thousands of people have decided to switch to a young, promising currency of Bitcoin Cash, which arguably is much faster and easier to use than its other counterparts. One of the main goals at RSGoldMine is to provide as much payment methods possible for our customers, and that’s why we’ve decided to let you Buy OSRS Gold with Bitcoin Cash. That’s right – at checkout, you’ll now be able to select Bitcoin Cash, and proceed to Buy RS Gold with Bitcoin Cash.


In this Tutorial is only for people that already have Bitcoin Cash and would like to Buy RS Gold with it! Looking to buy Bitcoin Cash to checkout? Then we advise you to buy Bitcoin or Etherum instead because there are not many websites that sell Bitcoin Cash and the ones that do usually have high fees for Purchasing.

Place an Order

Head over to to place your order. Here fill in the amount of OSRS Gold you would like to buy and your RSN (Runescpae Name), please make sure that it's your in-game name and not your login Name!

Once you have decided the amount you would like to buy, hit the green Buy Now button.

buy osrs gold


This will forward you to the Checkout page, here Select Bitcoin Cash, fill in a Coupon if you have one and click on Checkout.


Send Bitcoin Cash

From here you will be forwarded to the Coinbase Checkout Page, here you will receive a Bitcoin Cash address and the amount you have to send.

The Bitcoin Cash transaction will then enter a confirmation period simply due to how the Bitcoin Cash network works. This confirmation period can be instant or take up to 20 minutes but your transaction will always be confirmed in the end providing the funds were sent. Once it is confirmed, from the screen above you’ll actually be redirected back to our website.

Pick up your OSRS Gold!

After the payment has been confirmed, you should be redirected to RSGoldMine where you can speak to a Live Chat agent to collect your gold in-game!

osrs gold

Still uncertain? Feel free to contact the live chat with your questions! We are online 24/7.