Buy Runescape Gold With Belfius

Belfius is a Belgian bank we use here at RSGoldMine, to help expand our options for customers to purchase Runescape gold. Follow these steps below to make using Belfius easier!

Step 1: Registering for Belfius

Before we get into the fun bits, you need a Belfius account. To do this, head to . From there, you can open a free account, with an additional bank card for free! Just click the ‘Open’ button, and you’ll be redirected to the sign-up page. Simply fill out all the required fields, complete any confirmation required – and you’re done! Congratulations – you’re now a Belfius customer!

Step 2: Ordering Runescape Gold

Now you’re a Belfast customer, it’s time to order your RS Gold (This only takes a few minutes!). Simply, head to our page at

RS Mills

Once you’re here, you’ll be met with the Runescape Gold buying interface. Simply choose the type of RS gold you’re looking for (RS3 or OSRS), the amount of RS Gold you want, followed by your Runescape username. Once that’s all done, hit the ‘Buy Now’ button shortly below. Now we’re off to check out!

Step 3: Checkout So close! Once you’re at the checkout page, find and select ‘Belfius’ from all the options we provide regarding payment (Any promotional discount codes? Enter that in now!). After doubling checking everything, hit the ‘Checkout’ button in the bottom right!

RS Gold Cheap

You’ll now be directed towards the Belfius side of this trade (We are so close!). Simply enter in your details, complete any confirmation and you’re done! Finally!

Cheap RS Mills

Step 4: Collecing your Runescape Gold

You’ve done so much, its time you deserve to get your OSRS Gold! Open up our live chat widget towards the bottom right corner of our webpage, and you’ll be directed to our English speaking live chat team, who’ll take your order from there!

OSRS Mills

Anything else you would like to know? Our live chat team are always there! Enjoy your Runescape Gold!