Buy Runescape Gold with KBC & CBC

KBC and CBC are banks based in Belgium, that provide money transfer for occasions that suit the needs of you and us! Follow the steps below to purchase Runescape gold using KBC/CBC!

Step 1: Ordering your gold

Now that banking is out of the way, it’s time to order your RS Gold! Simply head to our website at

Cheap Runescape Mills

Have a look at our easy-to-use interface, dedicated to selling you Runescape Gold! Once you’re here, select which type of RS Mills you would like (RS3 GP or OSRS Mills), put in your desired amount, followed by your Runescape username. Double check everything is right, and hit ‘Buy Now’. Watch as you’ll now be redirected to our checkout page!

Step 2: Checkout

At the checkout, find and select ‘KBC/CBC’ out of all our options of payment.

Buy RS Mills

Once you’ve done that, all it takes now is hitting ‘Checkout!’ You’ll now be directed to the KBC/CBC side of things! Select which bank you are a part of, and after entering in your details and confirmation – you’ve done it!

Step 3: Collecting Your Runescape Gold

After all that hard work, its time you get your rs gold! Head over to our live chat widget (situated in the bottom right hand corner of our page), and you’ll be connected to our team, who are eager to deliver your rs mills!

Buy OSRS Gold

Anything else? Feel free to talk to our team at any time!