Buy Runescape Gold With Sofort Banking

Sofort GMBH provides a service of direct payments for online banking. Its easy-to-use system is one of the reasons we at RSGoldMine use it for accepting payments when purchasing Runescape gold! Follow the steps below if you’re interested in using Sofort to buy OSRS & RS3 Gold!

Step 1: Making sure you are with a valid bank

Unlike services such as Western Union, Sofort works as a connector between the customer and supplier via banks. First, make sure you are in a valid country that Sofort supports (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia & the Czech Republic). Now, make sure you are a part of a bank in those selected countries.

Once that’s all done – you’re set to go order rs gold!

Step 2: Ordering Runescape Gold

Now that you’ve got the valid Bank situation sorted out, it’s time to move onto ordering your rs gold! Head over to our website at

Buy OSRS Gold

Once you’re here, you’ll be met with our runescape gold buying interface. From this point, choose which type of runescape gold you need (RS3 or OSRS), and fill in your wanted amount, followed by your username in which you want the rs gold to be given to. Once you’ve done all of that, hit the ‘Buy now’ button, and you’ll be forwarded to our checkout page!

Step 3: Checkout

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Almost there! Once you’re at the checkout page, look through all our options of payment platforms, find and select ‘Sofort Banking.’ And if you’ve got a promotional code handy with you, right now is the time to enter it! Once all that’s out the way, find and click the ‘Checkout’ button in the bottom right!

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be transferred to the Sofort website. Simply enter in your preferred bank, followed by your bank details and any further confirmation (Such as a PIN). And there you go – you’ve successfully payed for runescape gold using Sofort Banking!

Step 4: Collecting Your Runescape Gold

Now the hard bits over, it’s time to get your rs gold (We made this process short and simple for you, we understand your excitement!). To do this, open up our live chat widget that can be found in the bottom right hand corner of our page. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be transferred to our representative team, who’ll take care of delivering your runescape gold in a fast and secure method!

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Anything else? Open up our live chat window and ask away!