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"Bought 50M, all done in under 5mins. Very fast and painfree"

Venng Posted 14-09-2017

"Bought 30m 07 gold, fast and easy"

lo the wisp Posted 14-09-2017

"41mil bought fast and quick like allways thanks"

Supreme xD Posted 14-09-2017

"Just done a great 30m, live chat didn't work on firefox, had to go on Chrome, but it all worked out, even got a bonus! Fast delivery and in my own language, that was great! Thank you man!"

Wastingit Posted 14-09-2017

"THE only person I'd ever buy gold from, the fastest and best! Thanks Ruben :D"

manbearpiig Posted 14-09-2017

"Vouch, quick and efficient!"

Shaunner Posted 14-09-2017

"Bought 8m OSRS Wasn't on same time schedule as them so it took a few days, but I got the GP and some extra for delay... just be sure to see if they're online first and you will be fine"

Embee Posted 14-09-2017

"Just did a 16M transaction, everything went super smoothly! Thanks"

Gibbro Posted 14-09-2017

"Just purchased 40m plus a bonus great seller thank you :D"

Supreme xD Posted 13-09-2017

"Buyed from him again still perfect service"

Copa905 Posted 13-09-2017