Maxed Main Rental Service Live Now!

Our new Max Main Rental Service is live now! We are renting Maxed Combat Mains with 99 Strength, 99 Attack, 99 Defence and 99 Hitpoints to stake in W302 Duel Arena. Our prices can be found on our Rent a Max Main page. So why would you rent a max main from us instead of others? Well to begin we have over 10.000 positive feedback on various forums and websites such as Sythe and Trustpilot Our prices might be higher than the others but that is because 90% of the sites that rent max mains are scammers! Yes Scammers, they will kick you off their osrs max main after your put some OSRS Gold on it. They usually charge around 3-4M OSRS Gold per hour or sometimes even offer free 30 minutes! Use the coupon: 'MMRN' for 10% off on your next max main!

rent max main

Posted on 20-09-2018