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Sell Runescape Gold

Is this your first time Selling RS Gold? Then keep reading, we will explain every bit of the process and talk about why the best rate is not the only important factor when Selling Runescape Gold.

Sell OSRS Gold

Had some good luck Bossing or got a 3rd age item in Oldschool Runescape from your clue scroll but don’t need that extra OSRS Gold? Why let keep it in your bank when you can sell it for real money! We can buy your OSRS Gold for great prices.

Sell RS3 Gold

RS3 Gold has a lower rate than OSRS Gold but that is because earning RS3 gold is way easier than in OSRS, the reason for that is because RS3 Gold also known as RS Gold is here since the start of Runescape back in 2001 while OSRS got released in 2007 so less OSRS Gold was accumulated which gives OSRS Gold a higher price per mill

Best place to Sell Runescape Gold

There are a lot of websites in 2022 that Buy RS Gold but unfortunately many of them have slow payments or have bad RWT practises, for example they will take your OSRS Gold on a level 3 in Lumbridge.. So unless you are quitting and don’t care about your account getting banned then it’s fine but if you plan on playing and only selling because you have to much OSRS GP or need some cash then avoid Buyers that will trade you on level 3 accounts.

So you must pay attention to the following points when Selling OSRS Gold:

  1. Check the Reviews This is obviously the most important check when using any Service online, which is checking their Reviews! Here at RSGoldMine we use Trustpilot and both monitor fake reviews and don’t let websites remove bad reviews so if you find a website with good reviews then 9 out of 10 times it’s legit.

  2. Avoid trading level 3 accounts This will most likely flag your account and get it banned for RWT. Here at RSGoldMine we use atleast level 70+ Combat Accounts when you are selling OSRS Gold and Combat Level 100+ for RS3 Gold.

  3. Avoid Marketplaces and Forums Yes you may get a good offer but that comes with great risk and disadvantages, for example when selling your RS Gold on forums there is a big chance you will end with a discussion on who goes first the seller or buyer and you end up wasting your time. Thankfully you don’t have this issue with Marketplaces since they release the money once the trade is final so they kind of work like a middle man but this comes with the disadvantage of setting up an account, verifying your ID and waiting on buyers.

Why Sell OSRS Gold to us?

Like explained above Selling RS Gold in 2022 is easy, there are many websites that will buy your OSRS Gold but Selling OSRS Gold to RSGoldMine is different, you can sell your OSRS Gold for PayPal or Bitcoin, we offer insanse fast payouts in the following currencies USD, CAD, AUD and NZD. You can safely sell your OSRS Gold to us, we buy on high level member accounts.

Still feeling uncomforable? No problem, we understand that you have worked hard for your RS Gold and don’t want to get scammed. To give you peace of mind, you can sell us in Increments.

How to Sell OSRS Gold

  1. Select OSRS or RS3 Gold and the Amount you would like to sell.
  2. Contact the Live chat and agree on a price and payment method (PayPal or Bitcoin)
  3. Meet in-game to trade the RS Gold
  4. Give us your PayPal email or Bitcoin Address
  5. Receive your payment!

There we go! You have successfully sold OSRS Gold to RSGoldMine. Thank you for using our Service!

(Do you sell OSRS gold regularly? Add us on Discord: RSGoldMine#0001 (CASE SENSITIVE) (Unique ID: 538362191011774488) for easier transactions

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Live Chat and Sell your OSRS Gold now!

We also Sell Runescape Gold!

But Wait…There’s More! Not looking to Sell RS Gold? You can also Buy Runescape Gold from us at the best prices! We are mostly known for selling Cheap OSRS Gold. But don't worry our RS3 Gold prices are also one of he cheapest in the market! We are one of the few websites that still accept PayPal which is one of the best options for online shopping!

Looking to Buy Runescape Gold?

We've got the solution to bring back the enjoyment into your OSRS experience, and skip the unnecessary grinding!