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"Bought 14m RS07 through bitcoin thanks for the smooth trade! A+++"

farron Posted 16-09-2016

"Quick once online. Easy to work with."

r0flmywaffle Posted 16-09-2016

"Bought Gp from here a few times. brill service quick and easy"

daza12344 Posted 10-09-2016

"Sold him 11M, fast and easy service. great guy!"

Jimbob Posted 07-09-2016

"Quick and clean"

Anonymous Posted 07-09-2016

"zoals altijd super snel en goed!"

vaelthreaz Posted 27-08-2016


vaelthreaz Posted 22-08-2016

"Cheap gold, very fast delivery, great livechat, will be buying alot more :)"

Chris Posted 22-08-2016

"Bought 15m Great fast experience! will buy again!"

BB Posted 21-08-2016


Copelandt64 Posted 21-08-2016