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"15m plus the special offer payed to me quick and easy thanks ruben!!!"

quinan Posted 20-09-2017

"Ruben sold me 6m and i have gotten extra gold from him for the delay VERY HAPPY WITH MY FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE VOUCH! AND VERY QUICK!!! :)"

MissingHistory Posted 20-09-2017

"vouch! another 30m quick an simple. wouldnt go anywehre else. best prices aswell."

vitality2113 Posted 20-09-2017

"Bought 20m 07 gold. Spoke with Ruben. Bonus 500k from the fast and easy service!"

500hpCummins Posted 20-09-2017

"sold me 35m fast AF love these guys only draw back is the payment fee its small but still annoying"

peeonyereye Posted 20-09-2017

"Bought 150M ! Very quick and helpful service, everything was straightforward and will 100% use again in future!"

PirateLuffy Posted 18-09-2017

"bought 200mil! fast delivery! will us again"

lucardious69 Posted 18-09-2017

"Relatively cheap, quick, and efficient. Will continue to buy."

tooyze Posted 18-09-2017

"ALsways flawless 10m +350k bonus thanks ruben"

snaple Posted 18-09-2017

"bought 130m rs07 thanks once again :)"

Entrance Posted 17-09-2017