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"Had an easy time using this website will be back again to get more nice fast cheep and easy!!!!!!!!!"

Nate Posted 20-01-2018

"Very fast & good service. Best one around!"

Freddieee Posted 19-01-2018

"I love these guys! The only gold website i trust. There fast, kind, and professional."

Jessie Posted 17-01-2018

"Great service, I ordered when they were offline, so just be sure they are extra for having to wait, Ruben was great!"

TOTALEVIL Posted 13-01-2018

"Sold over 300m In seconds and received my money is less than 2 mins!"

Mitch Posted 03-01-2018

"Good service given the challenging time of year (happy new year to all reading!). Delivery took several hours, but was adequately compensated. Thanks Ruben!"

Anon Posted 31-12-2017

"Great price, no set backs or hold ups and fast time delivery. Very satisfied, will purchase hold again. Love the site layout."

AERODYE1989 Posted 27-12-2017

"First time using RSGoldMine. I paid then found out that no one was online. I waited 2 days and there was no one. The gold compensation is 3%. I refused and got my gold cheaper elsewhere."

Tony Posted 25-12-2017

"Yo no matter what this Ruben guy pulls through. Was in a slump not even only runescape just everything stress bought gold cause I got cleaned he came through only a day later due to my odd working ours and made it work and Received everything no questions asked. Keep up the good work Ruben!"

Mitt Posted 03-12-2017

"Hey not that im in a wicked big rush, ordered last night live chat doesn't seem to be working trying to contact about the order I have. Either way good prices hope the support comes too"

pezz Posted 02-12-2017