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"gold was on time im a happy customer!"

kingbob Posted 30-11-2017

"First time using RSGoldMine aswell. Awesome service, very professional, fast delivery! Will only shop here! Ruben is great!"

Joe Posted 27-11-2017

"Quick delivery! Had my gold within 3 minutes. Easy transaction! Will be doing business again. I recommend this site for anyone interested in RS gold!"

Zac Posted 15-11-2017

"ruben did a great job delivering my gold, i understand they are not 24 hours but the prices are great and the service is great, 100% recommend"

moemoe Posted 14-11-2017

"Ordered a Small amount of gold i needed for a bond got it about 4 hours later. This was my own fault however due opening times of the chat. Once i contacted Ruben i got my gold within 2 minutes. It was a pleasant transaction furtheron. He left me with a bonus 3% gold. This is my first time using RSGOLDMINE and would be using it again if the chat will be open at that time. Cheapest prices i've seen so far."

Jork Posted 14-11-2017

"I waited over night to receive my order from Ruben. At the time of my order the Chat was down, so the following morning I woke up to messages saying my order is ready, and Ruben even threw in some extra GP for the inconvenience. I like the customer service, and will be back with future order, Thanks Ruben."

Cparkins Posted 12-11-2017

"Hey I used rsgoldmine today for the first time. I purchased 37m. This site had the best price I could find and the delivery was timely and professional. Will be using this again in the future."

drew Posted 10-11-2017


9197042 Posted 02-11-2017

"First time using RSGOLDMINE and Ruben was excellent. I bought 100m +3m bonus free. Delivered within 5 minutes of purchase. Highly recommended!"

Jared Posted 26-10-2017

"Ruben helped me out and was great! he did a fast and great communication job!"

oSailor Posted 12-10-2017