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"You guys are pretty slow compared to the competitors. Ruben asked for feedback, and when given, he was a little rude that I expressed my thoughts. He did grant me a small bonus for the long delay, but I most likely won't be ordering from here again."

stogie Posted 11-10-2017

"Great site! fast, easy to use and great customer service"

DyrusSenpai1 Posted 03-10-2017

"Late on payment so i got extra gold, extremely friendly and helpful! Thanks!"

Secrets Posted 03-10-2017

"40m in 1min plus 1m bonus so i'm happy :D. 2nd time Ruben has serviced me."

LetsHvAKiki Posted 20-09-2017

"Hands down the best site for buying osrs gold thanks for the quick delivery will be buying again!"

Joshy3 Posted 20-09-2017

"bought 24m without a problem :)"

Luisg81523 Posted 20-09-2017

"made a purchase of 70m very good customer service"

Zeroc66 Posted 20-09-2017

"Bought 19M, extremely fast and helpful service! Will use again in the future! Extra thanks to "Ruben" for helping me out and giving me the sythe bonus GP!"

Mesita Posted 20-09-2017

"15m plus the special offer payed to me quick and easy thanks ruben!!!"

quinan Posted 20-09-2017

"Ruben sold me 6m and i have gotten extra gold from him for the delay VERY HAPPY WITH MY FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE VOUCH! AND VERY QUICK!!! :)"

MissingHistory Posted 20-09-2017