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"Vouch! 32m bought fast quick an easy!"

vitality2113 Posted 11-09-2017

"Sold me 30m, once contacted they responded quickly and delivered."

ScootERGang Posted 11-09-2017

"bought 25m. site was having issues but i still received gold within 24 hours of purchase. thanks!"

Superuser Posted 11-09-2017

"Very nice and friendly trader . Went really fast and with no complications"

Copa905 Posted 11-09-2017

"Bought 30m 07 gold. Quick and easy. Ruben was super polite and friendly. I had never purchased gold before but my roommate advised me that he was the guy to go to and he was correct. I appreciate your help Ruben!"

trevor.southwick13 Posted 10-09-2017

"Bought 10m. Fast and smooth. got 300k extra. Thanks Ruben!"

Podelzky Posted 10-09-2017

"I was sold 10m. Took a while to receive the gold because the site was down for maintenance. Once contacted the transaction went swiftly and correctly. Thanks."

Emerald Powe Posted 10-09-2017

"Just bought 10m from Ruben! Super quick and friendly :) Will buy from here again. Thanks!"

shannakins Posted 10-09-2017

"Very quick and easy, didn't need a huge sign up process like other sites, bought 5m. Thanks a bunch."

iomagic Posted 10-09-2017

"Bought another 30m fast as ever an best service around! get your gold here!"

vitality2113 Posted 10-09-2017