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"very fast delivery and fast customer service with good communication! brought 17m, delivered within minutes!"

jamespj Posted 17-09-2017

"Ruben, my dear friend has served me well with getting my transactions settled. I've bought around 100m from Ruben and no scams and fast delivery. Thanks, and until next time!"

Emerald Powe Posted 16-09-2017

"Yep Im back. If you just have a staking problem like myself. Ruben is always quick, Honest, safe, reliable, AND LEGIT. We all want someone who is legit. Being legit is more than just delivering your gold within minutes. It is also about being careful about what you do. I really appreciate your help Ruben, until next time my friend!"

meeeeeeee Posted 16-09-2017

"another 30m bought. indeed the best place to get gp. fast an easy. support!!!"

vitality2113 Posted 16-09-2017

"Quick 17m + 400k bonus! thanks a bunch ruben"

Snaple Posted 14-09-2017

"Vouch, just purchased 20m gold. Very professional, low ban chance at all, they are not using generic accounts here."

caos013 Posted 14-09-2017

"40m transfered from Ruben once again. Delivered instantly and how i wanted it. multiple boxes at duel arena Thanks Ruben!"

meeeeeeee Posted 14-09-2017

"Bought 40m this time and was given a bonus 1.2m. Quick and easy. Much appreciated Ruben! You make the process cake!"

trevor.southwick13 Posted 14-09-2017

"bought 25m, Always fast and reliable. Wouldn't buy anywhere else"

Lil Hitter Posted 14-09-2017

"Very fast and easy. thank you ruben"

Njhighton99 Posted 14-09-2017