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"Bought 25m quick and easy. Cheers."

RSPSTom Posted 13-09-2017

"bought 30m 07 was fast and easy"

lo the wisp Posted 13-09-2017

"super fast delivery, super helpful support, super easy process!! bought 2007 gold, big vouch!!!"

runner111 Posted 13-09-2017

"Bought 70m with BTC, easy transaction. Thank you!"

KKaybe_ Posted 11-09-2017

"Bought 35m gold from them. The moderator was very helping and understanding of my issues quick delivery and great service!"

Zeroc66 Posted 11-09-2017

"Smooth trade; I've never bought gold before so I wasn't sure on the process and also using bitcoin but they were patient and there were no problems Thanks again Ruben"

INJAPAN Posted 11-09-2017

"Another purchase from them, Super fast, great communication, will buy from again! Thanks!"

Jimkamsky Posted 11-09-2017

"Ruben sold me 62m, Transaction purchased and delivered within minutes, thanks ruben!"

meeeeeeee Posted 11-09-2017

"Vouch! 32m bought fast quick an easy!"

vitality2113 Posted 11-09-2017

"Sold me 30m, once contacted they responded quickly and delivered."

ScootERGang Posted 11-09-2017